Thursday, December 31, 2015

Getting ready for the Holidays has been so much fun in our new house. We were able to get a 10 foot tree!! We thought we had to get a ton more ornaments to filler up, but turns out, the collecting of them each year was plenty. Here's my sweet Amara picking out her favorites to add.

Once the lights were on we were ready to dim the lights and feel the "magic" so to speak. Ever since I was a kid we had big Christmas's. Decorated trees, Christmas decorations, Holiday dinnerware. We made new traditions year after year. This year we had a quiet one and it was just as special.

Quiet moments in the family room doing crafts in jammies. I just love the view from every window in our house. 

Enjoying being out in the rain and admiring the beautiful Anthropologie window. 

From our family to yours. We hope you had a wonderful Holiday and wish you a healthy, prosperous New Year full of joy and laughter! We look forward to 2016!!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Bronson's room

I still have a ways to go in just about every room in this house. Most of the doors and trim in the upstairs bedrooms are still peach. I'll get there!
Here's a fun addition to Bronson's room. He has high vaulted ceilings which makes his room feel huge. We love it! We were contemplating on what to do with this huge blank wall above his bed. I didn't want to do another gallery wall here. It would take a lot of frames to fill the space. I thought of a world map. I love the colors in the maps, plus they're educational. I also that about wallpaper or doing an accent wall with paint and then maybe adding one to two picture ledges, but we have a picture ledge above his dresser already. Then I came across the French Bull wall decals. They are colorful, fun and Bronson loves cars!! Perfect. These decals are a great size to fill any large wall, or you can use half the town on one wall and the other half on another. We really love how they look and it's such a fun feeling when you walk in his room. He has since graduated to a twin bed. More Bronson room updates coming soon.

                                 In the meantime, here's more kids room wall inspiration for you. 

                                                                 For your World Traveler

Mountain Love

Reclaimed wood and paint

       Skyscrapers for your Super Hero

                                                                              image via

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A simple thing

I am writing this blog to share ideas, finds and inspiration. This post is about how I found some inexpensive art for my kitchen. We have so much going on in the backsplash that we can't do to much pattern. However, the other side of the kitchen could use texture and color.
At work, Yogaworks a month or so ago. We invited Good Eggs to come share and talk about their service. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and haven't heard of good eggs before, you must check them out!! They deliver organic Farmers Market meals, fruits, produce, fish, dairy and anything you can get at a Farmers Market to your front door! I personally look forward to visiting my local Farmer Market weekly, but this is a great shopping tool if you don't have the time to get to one.
Anyway, they came and set up a table with fresh organic foods they would deliver. They had these cute cards advertising their service. I grabbed a few to give to friends and help get the word out about their "at your door" service. I thought the graphics were simple and super cute!! I decided to frame them as art. Picked up a few Ikea frames in silver and bam. $6 art for my kitchen! Anyone can do this  with any colorful card or favorite calendar art. This is just a simple and fun way to make something unique for your space.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Feel good inspiration 


Monday, August 10, 2015

Indigo I heart you

Ahhh Indigo.The color between blue and violet. Oh how I love thee.  
It is said that Indigo conveys integrity and deep sincerity. To me, it also makes me feel cozy and calm. It's the shade of the ocean and my favorite blue jeans. I love it against crisp white bedding and white walls. It's amazing with other shades of blues. Turquoise and aqua.I really love indigo global textiles. It's perfect with fuchsia. I guess I can go on and on. I swoon over this deep shade. Enough to do a post on it's richness. 
Here 's some inspiration to feast your eyes on.

Just a simple pop of Indigo on this bed makes such a bold statement. Clink on the link below to see the whole room. The rug looks great with pillow and pulls the room together.

It would be so much fun to host a gathering with this set up! Another bonus with Indigo. It disguises spills easily. :)

Indigo, reds, pinks, white and wood. Perfection. 

Love everything about this. All the different depths of Indigo with the white walls and light wood floors balance beautifully with the patterned blanket and art. 

I want. I must have this rug! This would look amazing in any room, in my opinion.

This is some of the greatest inspiration I've seen in awhile. Sew backings for your stools for color and character! Love!

Seafoam, aqua and Indigo never get old. Sea colors = serene colors for sure.

This bedroom would make me smile every time I would walk into it. 

image via

Love these Indigo printed bolsters from chattra! They are used in Yoga practices but also make great home decor additions.
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