Monday, August 10, 2015

Indigo I heart you

Ahhh Indigo.The color between blue and violet. Oh how I love thee.  
It is said that Indigo conveys integrity and deep sincerity. To me, it also makes me feel cozy and calm. It's the shade of the ocean and my favorite blue jeans. I love it against crisp white bedding and white walls. It's amazing with other shades of blues. Turquoise and aqua.I really love indigo global textiles. It's perfect with fuchsia. I guess I can go on and on. I swoon over this deep shade. Enough to do a post on it's richness. 
Here 's some inspiration to feast your eyes on.

Just a simple pop of Indigo on this bed makes such a bold statement. Clink on the link below to see the whole room. The rug looks great with pillow and pulls the room together.

It would be so much fun to host a gathering with this set up! Another bonus with Indigo. It disguises spills easily. :)

Indigo, reds, pinks, white and wood. Perfection. 

Love everything about this. All the different depths of Indigo with the white walls and light wood floors balance beautifully with the patterned blanket and art. 

I want. I must have this rug! This would look amazing in any room, in my opinion.

This is some of the greatest inspiration I've seen in awhile. Sew backings for your stools for color and character! Love!

Seafoam, aqua and Indigo never get old. Sea colors = serene colors for sure.

This bedroom would make me smile every time I would walk into it. 

image via

Love these Indigo printed bolsters from chattra! They are used in Yoga practices but also make great home decor additions.

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